Stress Versus Urge Incontinence: Why the Difference Matters

Maybe you have heard that incontinence is just part of motherhood. Maybe you have already tried everything. Now, you’re resigned to dealing with wet pants as part of life. Do you know there are different types of incontinence, and different treatment approaches are necessary depending on the type? It’s true. If you treat one with […]

Is This Pain Related to My Pelvic Floor?

It’s easy to recognize that pain located in the pelvic region might have a connection to the pelvic floor. But what if your pain is at your pubic bone, your tailbone, or your SI joint? What if it’s farther away than that—like your back, neck, or jaw? These aren’t related to the pelvic floor, right? […]

What Every Mother Should Know About Her Pelvic Floor

If you didn’t know much about your pelvic floor before babies, you’re in good company. Maybe you still feel a little in the dark. But just like a mother’s abdominal muscles go through lots of changes to grow and deliver a baby, so does her pelvic floor. Understanding exactly what these changes might be is […]

Pelvic Floor Basics: Demystifying the Mystery

The pelvic floor is one of those topics we seem only to discuss in hushed voices or when divided into groups of the same gender. It feels a bit like health class in middle school. Remember when you learned all the anatomically correct words, but no one believed you were mature enough to do this […]

Are There Diastasis Recti Exercises To Avoid?

If you have an abdominal separation, you’ve probably seen the lists of diastasis recti exercises to avoid. But then, you read a little further, and you can find information contradicting almost all of these claims. So, who’s really right? Well, let’s take a closer look at the whole thing. Should you do traditional ab exercises […]

What Matters More Than Diastasis Recti Exercises

The right diastasis recti exercises are crucial no matter where you are in your recovery. But what matters even more than how you exercise is how you move all day long. Exercise is really only one component of a full recovery. Let me show you what I mean. How abdominal pressure affects your diastasis recti […]